After months, maybe even years, talking about it, you’ve finally gone ahead and — yes! — You’ve got a dog. A fabulous, lovable, brilliant dog. Your brilliant dog. Adorable, but also a ball of unfocused, crazy energy. And chewing. Everything!


At least that was the cry going through my head (and sometimes out loud) as my brilliant dog began darting back and forth across our sitting room, sniffing everything, excitedly exploring his new surroundings. And his new family.

You’re enchanted, falling in love all over again. A thousand joys but also… a thousand questions.

That’s where yourbrilliantdog.com — this site! — comes in.

I was that person, scratching his head about what to do as Charlie the pointer puppy raced around the house. And then outside, pulling on his lead.

In time, after many mistakes, a lot of trial and error, much study and consulting of experts, I began to get a handle on things. And to help you avoid the blind alleys, detours and digressions of my early dog days, I wanted to share my experience and love of all things dog.

Heck, not that I know it all by any means. Sometimes I still am that confused, alarmed (but also still enchanted) person. And anyway, there’s never just one way of doing things. We’re all different, and so are our dogs.

But where I don’t have the answer, I do know who to ask. And with expert, friendly help will be sharing all the best and up to date tips, tactics and insights on training, feeding, fitness and other essentials for keeping our dogs as healthy and happy as possible.

And, because life with our dogs is for enjoying, you’ll also find all the best dog (and human) treats, accessories and canine necessities.

This blog is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to master recall (without shouting, or pleading!); which is the best bed for your dog; whether feeding raw is worth the extra bother; or where to find the best collars or coats; brilliant dog toys that actually last — or that very special gift for you, or your dog-loving friends.

We’d love to be part of your journey with your brilliant dog.

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